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Underrated Board Games to Play on IOS — by Millie Mayson

Millie Mayson has written a welcome article, Underrated Board Games to Play on IOS, which appears at GamesKeys, She recommends 30 board games, including our game, ATATIKON, that gamers might have overlooked while surfing the game store in search of new fun games to play. Please check out the article.


Making up a catchy one-syllable, two-syllable and even three-syllable name for your new game that isn’t already used by someone somewhere on the net for whatever purpose is hard to do. I suggest you come up with a four- syllable name which most people rarely think up.

Challenge your friends

Delayed flight? Trapped in an elevator? Time to play Filinko! Filinko is easy to learn and fun to play but harder to master than chainsaw juggling. The premise of Filinko is simple – get 4 or more pieces in a row to score points. Start out by playing the Artificial Intelligence, but beating the AI will not be easy. Once you’ve mastered your skills against it, challenge your friends to play you on your device, and show them just how much smarter you really are.